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Fire Power Passion
Sensuality Guide
Jag has been studying, practicing and training individuals and couples in the arts of rapport building, intimacy, sensuality and relationship enhancement for over 20 years. Through the years he has developed his honed list of 16 classes and workshops ranging from one hour to 5 days. This is his trademark: “Sensuality Erotic, and Sexuality Enlightenment and Development series (SEXED)” A series that you feel good about being a participant in, comprehension you appreciate, which allows you to create a new highly sensual world equivalent to a new level of intimacy that you naturally and intuitively expand beyond your wildest dreams. First, last and forever expanding your fantasies to become your new reality of sensual experiences. See a list of Classes & Workshops at www.firepowerpassion.com. He is s seasoned Hypnotherapist and Master Neurolinguistics Programming practitioner. Through his seminar and classes and client list of over 3000 who have gained unlimited potential personally, existentially and financially. throughout his 35 years in business he has literally touched thousands of lives for the better. He also has a private practice with offices in Boise, ID and Clearwater,FL. Jag is a seasoned BDSM, and polyamory lifestyle trainer, player and member of the Tampa Bay and Boise communities.He has been playing privately for 40 years and publicly for 20 years of that time. Jag has developed several classes and techniques over his many years of training in total power exchange(TPE). He has trained 13 submissives and slaves utilizing the educational materials that will used in this class. Jag has a unique perspective of training that utilizes his skills from his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, his training as a Master Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner (MNLP) and is Certified in Hypnotherapy (C.Ht.). His specialties and awareness stimulates all the senses utilizing, energy work include Master/slave training, fire play, flogging, heavy impact, sensual knife play simply and automatically stimulating the Chakras and Meridians. Jag uses a combination of behavioral therapeutic techniques, energy trancework and NLP to develop the skills and abilities to teach the D/s or power exchange couple to develop a process of ritualistic relationship skills and a program for structured TPE. His critical path language skills develop an individual or couple’s awareness of their vibrational fields and create the ability to see the value in workshops that will continue to develop intimacy for years to come that you will always feel good about. Jag is married to LadyRose for over 18 years and he identifies as a Dominant. He and Rose live a polyamorous and open lifestyle.