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8th House Astrology
New Orleans, Louisiana
Julie is a professional Astrologer whose fascination with various topics in the realm of metaphysics appeared around the age of 13. From this early age, she began a decades-long process of discovering her natural talent in helping people navigate and transform their lives through an understanding of the fields of astrology and spirituality. Julie was eventually driven to focus her attention on the incredible light astrology sheds on one's relationships, sexual identity, needs, and capacity to be intimate with others.

Julie eventually formed 8th House Astrology with a vision toward introducing her knowledge to certain open-minded interest groups within the community, including the Lifestyle. Her workshops seek to show Lifestyle participants what astrology really is, how it explains the origin of one's personal desires, and the energetic forces underlying the interpersonal magic we call "compatibility." Without doubt, Astrology used correctly helps strengthen one's ability to pinpoint their needs and express them more clearly in the quest for sex and relationship fulfillment. Julie's seminar at NIN 2018 brushed the surface with an Intro to Sex Astrology, but this year's workshops will dig a little deeper and teach participants practical knowledge to put to use.

8th House Astrology has also expanded to include a contributing partner, Inga, and a sister company called conXXions. Together they seek to fill another missing link within the Lifestyle (and online dating community in general) by introducing new technology that helps people assess their true compatibility with others prior to the first meeting. Feedback from within the community continues to show how difficult it can be to meet new partners you resonate with, especially when you have 3 and 4 personalities involved and not just 2. Profiles can be deceiving, but the energy never lies. Wouldn't you like to increase your chances of enjoying that next date?

8th House Astrology also offers in-person and virtual private reading sessions for singles and couples. Please visit our webpage or email Julie at Julie@8thHouseAstrology.com for more information.

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Thursday, July 26

10:30am CDT