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New Orleans
JonGunnar Gylfason is an accomplished photographer, cinematographer, and filmmaker with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. He has directed, produced, or been the cinematographer on more than 40 short films and holds an MFA in Film & Production from the University of New Orleans.

Originally from Iceland, JonGunnar tried Minnesota on for size before wising up and heading south to the mouth of the great Mississippi and the city that curls around it. New Orleans turned out to be the perfect fit for him as his art, like the place, exalts in the unique and eccentric. Beauty in chaos can bewitch those who seek it out. JonGunnar strives to capture the expression of ecstatic wonder across the spectrum of vanilla to kinky.

JonGunnar founded Happy Kitten Rope in 2012 in order to offer hand-conditioned, high-quality, natural fiber bondage rope at an affordable price. Happy Kitten Rope provides rope, education, and inspiration to everyone who is interested in bondage or BDSM, no matter their tastes, gender, age, race, sexuality, or station in life. Happy Kitten Rope exists to bring bondage out of the dungeon and into the bedrooms of all who are intrigued. JonGunnar works to promote the message that bondage can be fun, easy, safe, and accessible to all.

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