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Pure Orgasmic Love
Holistic Sexual Wellness Practitioner
Tampa, Florida
Dragonfly works with individuals, couples, and groups; she focuses on guiding your exploration to a deeper connection with yourself and your partners. Her mission is to help you discover and accept your most erotic, sensual, and orgasmic self. As a womens empowerment and pleasure advocate, she encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation-emphasizing experiential learning through effective communication, breath, movement, body awareness, anatomy, and other body-based teachings about sex.

As a Somatically Trained Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatica® Practitioner, she offers a variety of ways to help you experience and learn within a safe, consensual environment. Allowing you to be fully vulnerable, explore, empower, and revitalize your sexual desires to experience profound sex and intimacy.